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STRAIN (Anti-Bullying Silent Short Film)

Two best friends have a deadly falling out when one of them joins a dangerous clique.

Childhood best friends (Michelle Page and Cali Fredrichs) hit emotional crossroads when only one is chosen to join the popular clique in high school (Francia Raisa). The friendship tries to survive — in secret. But on the night of the big Spring Formal, loyalties are tested, ties are severed and friendships end with devastating consequences.



Cyber Bullying

This video depicts a typical cyber bullying scenario in a light hearted way. The scene starts with a boy engrossed in typing away at the computer. A teacher happens to pass by and catches him red-handed in his cyber bullying act.

In it, ex-victims of cyber bullying recall and share their unforgettable experiences. Bystanders, who hold a very important role in stopping cyber bullying, were also interviewed for their view on cyber bullying.

Another major highlight is the sharing of tips and advice by school personnel such as principals, school counsellors and social workers, on how to react if you are being cyber bullied.

Watch this entertaining and informative video!



The Bully-Free Campaign 2006

An animation that’s sure to catch the attention of the younger crowd. Apart from its high entertainment value, the video is also informative – it covers the 4 different types of bullying, effects on the victims and tips to deal with bullying.



The bully, the bullied and the bystander

“The bully, the bullied and the bystander” is an educational resource put forward by the Singapore Children’s Society in collaboration with Nanyang Polytechnic.

Through the use of the video, children can be empowered to step in and take appropriate actions when they encounter bullying behaviour. This video teaches children about bullying by empathizing with those involved: the victim, the bystander, and the bully. It offers tips that children can use to deal with in a bullying situation.

This video can be used in various ways by educators:

1. As an awareness tool by screening the video during school assembly.

2. As a medium to elicit class discussions that provide students with an opportunity to explore their questions about bullying, learn to understand the problem, and begin to reflect upon their own attitudes and behaviours toward peers.

3. As a starting point to class projects (coming up with class rules about bullying behaviour, making a poster promoting pro-social behaviours etc…)

4. As a foundation from which to develop more detailed bullying-related lessons that are adapted and suited to a particular class.

This video can also be used by parents to educate their children on bullying. It provides an opportunity for parents to discuss children’s feelings and viewpoints regarding bullying.



The Bully-Free Campaign 2008

This video contains photos of all the happenings of Bully-Free Campaign 2008. Highlight of the video include Bully-Free Camp 2008 and campaigns held in participating primary schools and secondary schools under Project CABIN.

Be inspired by the hard work put in by the students, teachers, counsellors, social workers and volunteers. Be impressed by the eventual outcome.

Be Bully-Free!