Tips & Advice
For Bullies

Bullying Hurts – Stop!

Admitting that you sometimes bully people can be hard but we all have to face up to what we do and how we make others feel. Bullies might frighten people into being nice to them but that is not friendship. If you are a bully, it is important that you change, even if you like yourself as a bully. Bullies can become better persons and have true friends!


Why do some people bully others?

  • They may feel miserable because of something at school or home
  • They may feel left out or lonely at school or at home
  • They are irritated by a particular person and do not know how to deal with that
  • They are unable to control their anger
  • They go around with a gang that bullies people
  • They feel thrilled from hurting other people which makes them feel powerful
  • They are bigger and stronger than people of their age and take wrong advantage of this power
  • They were once a victim of bullying and choose to bully others in turn

How can bullies stop their behaviour?

  • Ask people whom you trust to help you
    Sometimes it is not easy to change on your own. You can GET HELP from your parents, teachers, or school counsellor. They may be quite unhappy with your bullying behaviour at first – make sure you tell them that you realised your mistakes and that you want to change.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the victims
    Try to understand how your actions make the victims feel. This will help you realise how much your bullying behaviour can hurt others.
  • Apologise to the people you have bullied if possible
    Do it privately and do not be too upset if they are suspicious of you; they just need to get used to the “new” you.
  • Try and make amends or at least be pleasant to those people you used to bully
    It might take them some time to trust you if you have hurt them in the past, but don’t be put off, keep trying. After a while they will realise that you have really changed.
  • Learn how to control your anger
  • Set goals a day at a time and work hard at it!
    For example: I will not bully Samuel today.
  • If you usually hang out with a group of people who bullies others, get away from them and find new friends
    If you can explain to them why bullying is wrong and encourage them to stop their behaviour too.
  • Focus on positive things
    like your studies or your hobbies.
  • Take up a sport
    it can help you let off steam when you feel frustrated.
  • Talk to someone that you trust about the problem
    It can be hard to change bad habits, talking to someone will make things easier.



Don’t feel discouraged if you find it hard to stop bullying. You won’t become perfect overnight. Changing behaviour takes time. If you find it hard to do it on your own, get help from adults whom you trust. Do not quit trying to become a better person. Remember that bullying hurts others and it hurts you too!