Tips & Advice
For Bystanders

Bystanders can help!!

A bystander is someone who is present when bullying happens. Bystanders have the responsibility to help when they see someone being bullied. REMEMBER – by not doing anything a bystander is indirectly saying that it’s okay for the bullying to take place.


How can bystanders help?

  • Offer support to the victim on the spot. You can do the following:
    – Ask the bully to stop.
    – Do not stand, watch and laugh as that gives the bully more power and makes the victim feel alone.
    – Run and inform the nearest adult you can find, and ask them for help.
    – Bring the adult to the bullying scene.
  • Bystanders can also help by making friends with the victim
    – Invite him/ her to join your group and involve that person in your activities.
    – Invite him / her to sit at your table during lunch time.
    – Play together during recess
    – Walk to the bus stop together after school.
  • Reporting bullying is the right thing to do!
    – Inform an adult (your parent, a teacher or the school counsellor) of what you have seen, and the names of the students involved.
    – Give the exact details of what you saw and/or heard.
    – Do not be afraid to report the incident. When you report you are helping both the victim and the bully. Bullies need help to change their behaviour. If you do not report the incident the bullying will continue.
    – If you are afraid that the bully will get back at you for reporting, tell the adults about your fear and ask them to keep your name confidential.