• Fact 10
    Many bullies were victims of bullying before
  • Fact 9
    Bystanders play an important role to stand up for their peers
  • Fact 8
    “If there are no heros to save you, then you be the hero” – Denpa Kyoshi
  • Fact 7
    You can use Hi-5 if you are bullied; Ignore, Walk Away, Tell Someone, Stay Cool, Report
  • Fact 6
    If you are cyber bullied you can use; Stop, Block, Save and Tell
  • Fact 5
    Bullying is hurtful and not fun at all. Be a good friend Be Bully–Free
  • Fact 4
    Singapore is ranked the second for online bullying
  • Fact 3
    1 in 9 adolescents reported that they were cyber bullied before
  • Fact 2
    1 in 4 Secondary school students have been bullied before
  • Fact 1
    1 in 5 Primary school students have been bullied before

The two key components which exist in a bullying relationship is:

  • Power imbalance
  • Intention to hurt

However, a single episode can also be considered as bullying:

Other characteristics of bullying is

  • Repetitive (could happen more than once)
  • Interrelational relationship between victim & bully
  • Victims could be a bully in another episode

What can victims do to help themselves?

  • Tell an adult, parent, teacher, counsellor, principal
  • Ask a witness to report the bullying to the adult
  • Stand up for yourself: Firmly say “Stop that!”

How can bullies stop their behaviour?

  • Ask people whom you trust to help you
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the victims
  • Apologise to the people you have bullied if possible

How can bystanders help?

  • Offer support to the victim on the spot
  • Bystanders can also help by making friends with the victim
  • Reporting bullying is the right thing to do!

Help Hotlines

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