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Crossword Puzzles




1. To remain as friends, it’s important to clear __________________ if there are any.
4. These are some of the adults who can help if you’re involved in a bullying situation: Parents, Teachers, __________________ .
6. It is important to do this if you witness a bullying incident, provided it is safe for you to do so.
7. You can call __________________ Friend Helpline if you need help. (For primary school students only)
9. This form of bullying involves using words to hurt others.
10. Bullying is a very __________________ way of treating others.
12. A person who is being bullied can become __________________ and wants to be left alone.
13. Bullies may continue to be when __________________ they grow up, if they don’t receive help to change their ways.
14. Some victims may take __________________ by displaying violent behaviour.
15. Bullying can result in damaging __________________.  



2. An example of Relational Bullying: __________________ someone from a group.
3. Bullies often pick on those who are __________________ .
5. Besides the Bully & Victim, who else is involved in a bullying situation?
8. One of the ways to discourage bullies from continuing their bullying behaviour.
11.Be a __________________  ; Don’t be a Bully!