Cyber Bullying
Ways to Prevent & Stop Cyber Bullying


What can Children or Youths do to PREVENT Cyber Bullying?

  • Google Yourself!

    Take note of any fake profile of you such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Snapchat or any other webpage that shows your personal information

  • Repeat the search with your Name in Quotes and Images

    Step1: If you find that your personal contact information appears where you do not want it to appear, you can report it via the Webpage Removal Request Tool available through Google then your personal information will not appear under Google’s search results. However, this information is available in the web till the webmaster removes the information or takes the page down from the web entirely. Google will only contact the site’s host when credit card information, adult contents or inappropriate images is featured.

    Step 2: Contact the webmaster, whom you can usually find at webmaster@[the website name/URL].

    Include the following in your email:

    > URL of the page that includes your personal information
    > The exact information you want to remove and evidence that you are the victim



What can Children or Youths do to STOP Cyber Bullying?



Do not attempt to do anything. It is important to have a clear mind before you act.


Restrict or block all communications with the cyber bully.


Save all communication with the cyber bully as evidence.


Inform a trusted adult; parent, school counselor, teacher. Do not suffer alone.


Things to Note when Reporting

What can Schools Do to Prevent Cyber Bullying?

  • Copy and paste the information from the site directly into an e-mail. Address the e-mail to yourself as well, so you have a record of what you send, when you send it and to whom.
  • If you don’t get a reply within a week, send a follow-up and include all the information you have sent previously, as well as the date on which the earlier e-mail was sent.