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27 October 2016
Headlocked, punched & kicked – 3 bullies assault boy at staircase landing


Business Standard

17 November 2014
Singapore-based Geckolife launches operations in India


Business Times

18 July 2016
Cyber safety keeping kids safe online


Channel News Asia

16 February 2016
ITE College East student suspended after bullying video surfaces

15 November 2016
Twitter rolls out tool to curb online abuse

22 September 2016
Weight discrimination may worsen young teens

11 August 2016
Charlie Puth in Singapore: ‘I want you to passionately hate me or passionately love me’


CLEO Magazine

August 2014
Downloading… threats, trolls, trouble


Daily Mail

15 August 2014
Bullied 13-year-old said teachers “didn’t do anything” in his suicide note


Dutch Media

17 April 2014
Man accused of extorting B.C. teen Amanda Todd online arrested in Netherlands


Digital Senior

How I went from f student and victim of bullying to scholar

The Independent

02 April 2017
Police charge 14-year-old boy in Facebook Live gang rape


The Straits Times

20 August 2017
Singapore has third highest rate of bullying globally

26 January 2017
Hawker fined for slapping daughter’s 9 year old classmate

20 January 2017
Parents’ key fear; Kids bullied online

07 December 2016
Instagram introduces new tools meant to curb abuse and expand privacy

02 December 2016
Bullied Texas girl kills herself with gun in front of shocked family members

12 November 2016
He had insulted me and my family, says attacker in viral video of boy being bashed

02 November 2016
Memories of run-ins with drugs and bullying bring Dick Lee to tears when filming biopic Wonder Boy

17 August 2016
Bullied champ’s last laugh

08 August 2016
Students race to turn dreams into reality

17 July 2016
Some millennials in Singapore eschews social media

22 July 2016
Group plans centre to resolve bullying cases

26 July 2016
Students say NUS orientation camp games increasingly sexualised; some told to re-enact rape scene

27 July 2016
Teen suicides: watch out for those on the edge

29 July 2016
More can be done to bring down teen suicide rates

11 March 2016
Cyber bullying linked to self-harm among the young in Singapore

4 October 2015
Speak up to stop bullying

29 September 2015
All must act to tackle bullying

28 September 2015
Watch out for signs of bullying

28 September 2015
Girl felt ostracised by her peers, so she quit her school


28 September 2015
Schools have system in place to support safe learning

28 September 2015
Child misbehaving in school Home woes may be the cause

28 September 2015
Bullying Takes on a Whole New Dimension in Cyberspace

25 September 2015
Pay Heed to Cyber Bullying Among Youth

 15 April 2015
From online friend to child sex predator: Four recent cases here

15 January 2015
Protection from Harassment Act

03 July 2013
Teen admits to having sex with minors and helping a loadshark

 16 April 2015
Former RGS student claims she was bullied, sues school

20 March 2015
Engineer who preyed on 31 young boys gets 30 years’ jail, 24 strokes of the cane

12 February 2014
New programme on cyber bullying for primary schools

24 September 2015
Untangling the issues underlying bullying

23 September 2015
Empower Teachers to Better Deal with Bullying

21 September 2015
MOE to investigate alleged bullying incident in Shuqun Secondary; video goes viral

20 September 2015
Students in Singapore Alerted to cyber Bullying in revised Cyber Wellness Curriculum

22 August 2015
Spread the word, bullying is just wrong

24 September 2015
Don’t let ‘get tough on bullying’ be mere slogan



The New Paper

31 October 2016
Being bullied helped her speak up for nature

03 March 2016
Boy hurt after attack by school bully

12 October 2015
Man slaps daughter’s classmates for alleged bullying

28 September 2015
Teen ‘Bullied for 5 months’ before video emerged

28 September 2015
Should Bully be Caned

26 April 2015
Students from top schools share experiences of being bullied

03 February 2014
Overweight kids targeted in school
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27 April 2015
Painful life lessons from Bullying

3 May 2014
Same boy bullied my son



27 October 2016
3 bullies assaulting young boy



16 November 2016
More effort needed to help children keep bullying at bay

21 October 2016
Malaysia weighs tougher action to stem school bullying problem

03 March 2014
Stalking now an offence under new anti-harassment bill

11 March 2014 
Let’s start an open conversation about bullying


Yahoo! News Singapore

03 March 2015
Blogger Grace Tan Files PO against xiaxue, Calls for Action against Cyberbullying


Yahoo Finance

21 October 2016
National Bullying Prevention Month – New Poll Shows Online Schools Provide Safe Haven for Bullying Victims)


Yahoo Lifestyle

30 July 2016
Left behind



09 September 2017
参加“反欺凌”活动 加强对儿童欺凌了解