What You Can Do
Build Healthy Friendship

Be a F.R.I.E.N.D

Friends are important people in someone’s life. Friendships are not only fun, they help give us the support and companionship. But they can also be a pain and give us some of the biggest challenges of life.  


Are you a good friend? Would you like to be one?

Below are 6 qualities of friendship. Work hard at improving those qualities and you will become a better friend.  Remember, to have good friends, you must start being a good friend yourself.

Be Friendly!
Think about the friends you have now. The reason you became friends is most likely because one or both of you took the first step of saying “hello!” So the next time you meet someone new in class, don’t leave him or her out of your group! Smile and be friendly. You might find yourself a new friend!


Be Reliable!
How would you feel if a friend broke a promise he or she made to you? Could you trust him or her after that? Trust is very important in friendship. Be a reliable friend your friends can count on!



Can you Imagine how it feels when your friends don’t understand you? When we feel a little sad, we wish that there were someone we could talk to! Pay attention to how your friend feels. If he or she looks upset, imagine how he or she feels and try to understand them!


Encourage your friends. How does it feel to have someone pat you on the back saying, “I know you can do better next time if you try hard”? Be there for your friends and encourage them to do better. Friend in Need A friend in Need is a friend indeed! Friends can have problems in their family, with their study or with other friends. Listen to your friends and show that you care when they need help.


Celebrate Differences
Good friends usually like the same things. But sometimes, even best friends have differences – for example, you may like soccer but your friend prefers basketball! The truth is, it is ok to be different! Instead of quarrelling over who is right, respect and appreciate each other’s differences.