What You Can Do
Build Healthy Friendship

Friendship Quotient Quiz

What kind of friend are you? Take the quiz check your score to find out about your FQ (Friendship Quotient). This quiz can help you find out what can you do to be better friend and to help build better friendships


1. Someone in your group of friends is saying mean things about you behind your back. You:
2. You changed class and you don't know anyone! What could you do?
3. When your friends are trying to decide what game to play, you:
4. One of your friends seems to be upset and sad. You:
5. It is most important that a friend:
6. If your best friend got mad at you and you didn't know what for, what would you do?
7. If your best friend lied to you so he/she could go and play with another person. You would:
8. Your friend has been calling someone bad names and asks you to join in. You: